Paul Foster

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Paul Foster is Partner & CEO at 23 Technology Limited in Berkshire. At 23 Technology Paul is responsible for business leadership and strategy. He provides direction and management, plans marketing initiatives and controls the sales processes. Steering commercial and contractual matters for enterprise projects and managed service agreements. With a wealth of experience gained from a career in the IT services industry, working across both public and private sectors and within each link of the supply chain. Embracing new concepts and technologies, understanding risk and maintaining quality standards throughout.

Known for providing a pragmatic, enjoyable and open approach to each assignment, learning specific client priorities and aligning service deliverables with expectations. He clearly presents the possible and practical options, making value based recommendations for short, medium and long term efficiencies. Adopting this considered business model has contributed to the development of many mutually beneficial long term customer relationships.

Paul brings this experience to support and add value to the BCS Berkshire committee and coordinating with the BCS Elite in the Thames Valley.